• Hello dear community!

    In PixelTropia you can get a special and exclusive rank: the VIP.

    This exclusive rank can be purchased in-game with Gems that you purchase here or you earn in-game. Why should you get the VIP?

    First thing first you should get the VIP to support our server and to allow us to improve it and add new cool games! Obviously if you purchase the VIP rank you'll also get some special perks in game.

    After buying the VIP rank, you'll have it in every PixelTropia's server. This means that even if you buy it in the Hub or in the Towny you'll get the rank everywhere, even in the new servers that will open!

    But what does this VIP give? In each server you will get something different:


    - The golden [VIP] tag before your name. Distinguish yourself from other players! - Exclusive

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    - Join the server even if it is full! You have priority over others! - Exclusive

    - Join and Quit the server silenty! This will allow you to enter/leave the game without anyone noticing it! - Exlclusive

    - Access to the command /kit vip - Exclusive

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    - Send a message to multiple players. - Exclusive

    - You don't get kicked for being AFK. - Exclusive


    - /kit vip will give you a 5 Star Mystery Chest every day! This will allow you to get awesome cosmetics! - Exclusive


    - /kit vip will give you 200 Bonuus Points for free every day! Use them to buy more days of VIP or anything else! - Exclusive

    - You can use the command /back when you die. This will allow you not to lose your items or to join the fight again. - Exclusive

    - You can have an extra home using the command /sethome <name>. This will allow you to save an extra location you might need to teleport to anytime you need! - Exclusive

    - You can take 3 Jobs instead of 2!

    - You can use the command /hat. Put anything you want on your head and have some fun! - Exclusive

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    - You can use the command /enderchest. This will allow you to access your enderchest anywhere! It's a lot of extra storage combined with your backpack! - Exclusive

    - You can use the command /disposal. Throw away the garbage you don't need anywhere! More space for DIAMONDS!! - Exclusive

    - You have free access to the backpack! You'll have a 2x9 backpack that you can access with the command /backpack.

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    - You get 1.5x money from mobs! Get richer quicker! - Exclusive


    - /kit vip will give you 400 coins daily! - Exclusive

    All the perks tagged with "- Exclusive" can be obtained only with the VIP. The others can also be purchased with Gems and Bonus Points by non-VIP players.

    To get all those exclusive perks join the server and speak with a "Merchant" npc or use the command /shop!

    You can get various VIP duration packs:

    - 1 Day

    - 3 Days

    - 7 Days

    - 15 Days

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    Getting directly the 15 Days package is way more convenient than buying 15 times the 1 Day package! So what are you waiting for? Go get it!

    Please note that you can purchase the VIP also with Bonus Points!

    If you have any question feel free to contact us!

    Kind Regards