First Thoughts

  • Hey guys,

    after playing for a while I thought of giving some first feedback on the Pixeltropia server.

    Since I have played Towny/RPG servers before it was kinda easy to get into the server and its mechanics.

    All in one I absolutely think that the concept is (so far) very balanced and enjoyable.

    However I thought I come up with some aspects and ideas I noticed playing for some time now ;-)

    I could think of the following addition and/or changes maybe if they are possible and people think what I say actually makes sense!

    - adding a command to see what you have sold in the auction house (now you cannot really track the auction house history and only see items sold when you are online)

    - adding a job system in addition to the quests to earn money (e.g. job miner: gets money for mining stone blocks, resources or e.g. hunter getting money for killing mobs)

    - maybe rethink the 500$ upkeep (cannot really see any sense in this tbh)

    - if no job system: maybe think about boosting BP and money earned from mob kills, right now it is not really that attractive

    - PvP of towns: the idea that every block is mineable and everything is lootable seems to be very scary. I never saw something similiar before and have to say that I am grateful to at least be able to not participate in town PvP with my own city. I think especially for some residents who don't like to lose everything they grinded or are not able to be online at that day it is very hard so be subjected to something like this. I know it is the decision of the mayor but maybe it is possible to adjust that a little, so that at least the resident plots are safe and you instead have to protect the rest of the city. I personally don't see any sense in building my town and then put it up to be completely griefable lol. Another idea could be to add another world or server where people can build in the wild in addition to the towny server and fight vs. each other (so nothing is secure there). This way it would be a little more resident friendly I guess. Or even use the Outpost function of towny and let the town pvp happen between built fortresses or camps. Then you could do something like a preparation build up phase (like 1 week or so) and eventually one day (maybe weekend) where the battle starts. This could also be rewarded for most genuine traps or stuff. I dont really know right now how you could make it better, these are just some first thought on town pvp so please bare with me if some things dont make too much sense in the beginning. It would be nice so hear some thoughts and feedback from the community!


  • Hey man! Thanks for reaching us out!
    We really appreciate your feedbacks!

    There are just a couple things that i need to answer to your questions/feedbacks.

    - Sadly the auction plugin doesn't have an history functionality therefore is not really possible to make one unless we either create a new plugin or decompile it and add it ourselves.

    - Jobs will be added, but not in the immediate future, we'll add them in one of the future patches :) The reason why mobs do not give that much money is because we plan to have a steady economy, and we might be implementing the Silk-Touch Spawners plugin. If we increased the money players get from mobs, 1 player with 10 spawners can make more than 1k a hour, it would break the economy :)

    - Towny daily upkeep of 500$ makes sense if you think about it in this way: In 10/15 minutes you can complete the Extreme Sugar Cane Quest, it's $576. Just with that you have single-handedly paid the daily upkeep in 10 minutes of playing, making it lower would just make the game too easy. Having already 4 people in one town means splitting the upkeep cost by 4 -> 500/4 = 125$ is not that much if you play at least 30 minutes a day. However if you bring valid reasons why we should lower it, we can discuss about it :)

    - PvP Of Towns: The servers you were in probably used only the Flag-War mechanic that is not part of the original towny. The "Total War" is the real War Mode that Towny creators intended. Towns, like nations are forced to participate to this war once a month.

    We added an holographic display that shows when the next total war will be (29/09/2019 at this time), therefore 26 days of preparation are more than enough i hope.

    There is also the possibility (for nations only) to be neutral for 5000$ a day but Total War lasts anyway only 12h, therefore if you're really anxious about losing your stuff you can do three things :

    1)Hide your most valuable items in your backpack/enderchest.

    2)Defend your city from attackers (if your city is very very well hidden then you have more chance of survival)

    3) Make a Nation and pay 5000$ for 1 day of neutrality (Nations only), but then you could be attacked by other nations if you're not neutral for the rest of the month.

    To be honest not participating to a war doesn't sound very funny but you still have the option to do so.

    If you have any more questions about how towny war works you can read it here: Guide

    Regarding your request about adding a more "resident friendly" option, there was an idea to add a simple Creative/FreeBuild server as gamemode, but with the current amount of players we have, it will just destroy the towny server because we would split the players for two modes that are very similar and it doesn't make much sense. However in the future, if the server grows we will for sure add it :)

    Hopefully i was clear enough in my explanation :)

    If anyone has any other suggestion or doesn't agree with what i just said, feel free to reach us out, we can improve the server ONLY if you give us your feedback :)

  • Thanks for your quick response, what you say makes sense to me in most points. Just one thing to clarify: if you have a town you WILL participate in the Total war at the end of september? So the only way not to do so is to found a nation then? In that case I don't really think it is attractive for me to play anymore cuz I don't wanna get griefed ;(

  • Thanks for your quick response, what you say makes sense to me in most points. Just one thing to clarify: if you have a town you WILL participate in the Total war at the end of september? So the only way not to do so is to found a nation then? In that case I don't really think it is attractive for me to play anymore cuz I don't wanna get griefed ;(


    the only way for you to not get your town griefed is by not having one or having a Nation and pay the neutrality for that day.

    I would like to specify one thing:

    I mentioned in the post before that the total war will last 12h, but i am thinking about making it last 2-3 hours and from next month make it every 2 weeks but activate it for 2-3 hours. Obviously everytime in weekends (Saturday or Sunday).

    In this way everyone has the possibility to defend their plots.

    You have to remember that in a town you are not alone, like you, also others don't want to get griefed and they will defend their town :) It's just a matter of organization with your friends/citizens :)

  • I agree with Alberto on all points!

    1x In the month war I find not so optimal cooler would be every Friday 18.00 - 20.00 or even better Sunday has every time

    15.00 - 18.00 or 18.00 - 20.00.

    Would find every week 1x exactly perfect. :)

    You have to do politics to not get caught and otherwise you can take revenge I think the system is really cool.

    Keep it up!

    Job system and some minigames would be cool but they will come with time.

    LG xShaYaKaZ

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