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    I am attempting to brew awkward potions as the brewer job and I am unable to create the potion. I am putting in 1 nether wart, 3 water bottles. Is there something not known or does this need to be fixed?

    My suggestion is to add a lottery plugin that draws a lottery every (30m-1h room for change) and during the entire length of that countdown/timer players on the server can purchase tickets. The odds would obviously work as (my tickets purchased vs. entire tickets purchased) to calculate your odds of winning.

    Meaning if I buy 20 tickets, Sally buys 5 tickets, and Bill buys 5 tickets, I have a 20/30 chance of winning, leaving Bill and Sally with a 5/30 chance each to win.

    This gives new players the opportunity to win substantial money with little cost if they feel like playing the odds.

    The most major aspect of a lottery plugin is adding a server tax onto every ticket purchased to directly remove money from the economy to stop/majorly slow inflation.

    If the tickets cost $500 each and a 15% server tax was added to each ticket purchased and a lottery of 40 tickets was pulled that would directly remove ($500x40=20,000-15%=17,000 difference 3,000) $3000 from the economy.

    I suggest that the timer be 30m-1hr to maximize the real potential the server tax has to remove money. The only real change to the server is the removal of the money, no additional funds are being created, generated or made by any players. Money that has already been earned is simply being passed around and removed, passed around and removed, passed around and remove.

    The best result is you have people removing thousands from the economy at-least once an hour.

    Wow this is such an odd coincidence. While I was searching for a towny server to play on YouTube last night I found this youtuber doing some "Camp Minecraft" videos and this server right after. How neat, his content was actually cool.

    Official Romero Town Thread

    It's not much, and it won't be for a few days. The grind is just beginning and the 3 that Romero is has just begun gathering the money to fund such a project as creating a town. This thread will be updated with events, history, screenshots, recruiting status, ally status, and more.

    If you're interested in joining us during the start of this expedition and getting your foot right in the door then add Crispy#9159 on discord.

    PvP is the aim, it's kill or be killed. We want mature players comfortable with defending their own land, and even those willing to go and take others for our own!