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    Howdy Valued Miners!

    Christmas is coming and we want to take our time to thank every one of you! :love:

    For this special holiday we want to give-away one month of FREE VIP to everyone that will request it!

    To request it all you need to do is:

    1 - Register on our forum: (If you have already an account go to step 2)

    2 - Click on "Server" -> "Support" -> "+New Ticket"

    3 - Ticket's category must be "General Support" and title must be "Christmas Event"

    4 - Inside the Ticket's message write your Minecraft Account name!

    Also we would like to ask your opinion on the next minigame we should add on PixelTropia!

    You can vote via this link:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Your PixelTropia Team

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    Hey man!
    Indeed we are already working on the trailer and it looks awesome!
    Obviously this is possible only thanks to our Video-Editor Swiper :)
    He's doing a really cool video and hopefully you'll like it too ;)

    Thanks for your quick response, what you say makes sense to me in most points. Just one thing to clarify: if you have a town you WILL participate in the Total war at the end of september? So the only way not to do so is to found a nation then? In that case I don't really think it is attractive for me to play anymore cuz I don't wanna get griefed ;(


    the only way for you to not get your town griefed is by not having one or having a Nation and pay the neutrality for that day.

    I would like to specify one thing:

    I mentioned in the post before that the total war will last 12h, but i am thinking about making it last 2-3 hours and from next month make it every 2 weeks but activate it for 2-3 hours. Obviously everytime in weekends (Saturday or Sunday).

    In this way everyone has the possibility to defend their plots.

    You have to remember that in a town you are not alone, like you, also others don't want to get griefed and they will defend their town :) It's just a matter of organization with your friends/citizens :)

    Hey man! Thanks for reaching us out!
    We really appreciate your feedbacks!

    There are just a couple things that i need to answer to your questions/feedbacks.

    - Sadly the auction plugin doesn't have an history functionality therefore is not really possible to make one unless we either create a new plugin or decompile it and add it ourselves.

    - Jobs will be added, but not in the immediate future, we'll add them in one of the future patches :) The reason why mobs do not give that much money is because we plan to have a steady economy, and we might be implementing the Silk-Touch Spawners plugin. If we increased the money players get from mobs, 1 player with 10 spawners can make more than 1k a hour, it would break the economy :)

    - Towny daily upkeep of 500$ makes sense if you think about it in this way: In 10/15 minutes you can complete the Extreme Sugar Cane Quest, it's $576. Just with that you have single-handedly paid the daily upkeep in 10 minutes of playing, making it lower would just make the game too easy. Having already 4 people in one town means splitting the upkeep cost by 4 -> 500/4 = 125$ is not that much if you play at least 30 minutes a day. However if you bring valid reasons why we should lower it, we can discuss about it :)

    - PvP Of Towns: The servers you were in probably used only the Flag-War mechanic that is not part of the original towny. The "Total War" is the real War Mode that Towny creators intended. Towns, like nations are forced to participate to this war once a month.

    We added an holographic display that shows when the next total war will be (29/09/2019 at this time), therefore 26 days of preparation are more than enough i hope.

    There is also the possibility (for nations only) to be neutral for 5000$ a day but Total War lasts anyway only 12h, therefore if you're really anxious about losing your stuff you can do three things :

    1)Hide your most valuable items in your backpack/enderchest.

    2)Defend your city from attackers (if your city is very very well hidden then you have more chance of survival)

    3) Make a Nation and pay 5000$ for 1 day of neutrality (Nations only), but then you could be attacked by other nations if you're not neutral for the rest of the month.

    To be honest not participating to a war doesn't sound very funny but you still have the option to do so.

    If you have any more questions about how towny war works you can read it here: Guide

    Regarding your request about adding a more "resident friendly" option, there was an idea to add a simple Creative/FreeBuild server as gamemode, but with the current amount of players we have, it will just destroy the towny server because we would split the players for two modes that are very similar and it doesn't make much sense. However in the future, if the server grows we will for sure add it :)

    Hopefully i was clear enough in my explanation :)

    If anyone has any other suggestion or doesn't agree with what i just said, feel free to reach us out, we can improve the server ONLY if you give us your feedback :)

    [0]Actions not covered by the rules:

    [0.1]These rules can't include every specific situation. Act with common sense and do not try to trick the system. Rules will be updated to face as many situations as possible.

    [0.2]Suspicious situations will be judged at the discretion of the staff.

    [0.3]Decisions by staffers are definitive. Trying to contact another staffer to get a different treatment will result in an augment of the ban duration.

    [0.4]Changes in rules are not retroactive. If someone broke a rule before it was added the user won't be punished. However exceptions can be made.

    [1]In game Behavior:

    [1.1]Respect other players! Insulting, trolling and derogatory comments are strictly forbidden.

    [1.2]You may not scam. Scamming includes any attemps to deceive users for your own advantage.

    [1.3]You may not spam. Spamming includes messages which make no sense, the same message over and over again, typing in all capital letters, begging, or any other messages which may disrupt another player's experience.

    [1.4]You may not encourage other players to break any rules set by PixelTropia. If you do so, you will be as punishable as the player that broke the rules.

    [1.5]You may not discuss hacks, bugs or any other harmful topic in any of Pixeltropia's platform.

    [1.6]Giving items to another player is at your own risk! This comprehends also items stolen in your town. Be careful with who you team up with. Under no circumstances your items will be recovered. 

    [1.7]Disruption or breaking the rules of special events will lead to a punishment. Trolling isn't allowed either.

    [1.8]You cannot use any method to automate any task. Automated farms for food/sugar canes/ cactuses/any plant are allowed.

    [1.9]Impersonating staff members is prohibited. Names similar to staffers are prohibited too (Example: Albert0Cod3r)

    [1.10]Any threat made towards the server or any staffer is prohibited.

    [2]Game Accounts:

    [2.1]The PixelTropia staff will never ask for your data. Game-Names can be asked ONLY to simplify finding tickets or logs.

    [2.2]You may own as many accounts as you like, but they must not be used together to exploit any game mechanics.

    [2.3]Account sharing is allowed - at your own risk!

    [2.4]Items lost will not be recovered. You can receive a compensation, usually in Gems, if there was a server-crash.

    [2.5]Trading is only allowed via PixelTropia channels such as the forum, our discord server and in-game. Any traffic over other platforms is prohibited. It will lead to 7 days of ban or more.

    [2.6]You are responsible of the security of your accounts. We encourage you to never use the same data of your Minecraft Account on any other platform. If you do, do it at your own risk.


    [3.1]Warning: You may receive a warning about your wrongdoing.

    [3.2]Account ban: You may receive a definite or an indefinite account ban.

    [3.3]Donating will not earn you privileges. Everyone is judged by the same standards. Asking for exceptions will increase the ban duration up to 30 days.

    [3.4]Bans can only be discussed via tickets. However you can discuss ONLY about YOUR bans. Asking for reasons outside the ticket system is not allowed.

    [3.5]You cannot ask explanations on behalf of other users. Only the punished person is allowed to.

    [3.6]You may appeal for a ban only via tickets. Every ban is different and we reserve the right to decide wether or not to unban an account. Exception made for bans of Hacking and Real World Trading. Those accounts will never be unbanned.

    [3.7]Every punishment is given due to a video/screenshot evidence.

    [4]Hacking & Bug Abusing:

    [4.1]Hacking is strictly forbidden and hackers will be permanently banned.

    [4.2]Abusing bugs or glitches is not allowed. Game-breaking bugs have to be reported immediately. Hiding game-breaking bugs will lead to a permanent ban.

    [4.3]Any client-modification is strictly forbidden. Only the vanilla Minecraft launcher is allowed. We have anyway a plugin that detects modded clients, and that will be used as proof of your wrongdoing.

    [4.4]You may not use any mechanic that involve afk-farming.

    [4.7]The use and abuse of any bug, macro or cheat, will be severely punished, especially if used during PvP. Macroing can lead also to permanent ban if done several times (7d, 14d, 30d, permanent)

    [4.8]Using Bots or Macro for farming will lead to bans (30 days first offense, permanent at second offense).


    [5.1]Names used for advertising purposes are not permitted.

    [5.2]Offensive names are not allowed (this includes names that fall into: racist, sexist, religious, political or generally offending types).

    [5.3]Names that are difficult to decipher are not allowed (I.e. IIII or lllllllllll).

    [5.4]Names similar to other users' names are severely prohibited. (Using i instead of l)

    [5.5]Using a nickname similar to staffer's names is severely prohibited.

    [6]Town Rules:

    [6.1]Do not create towns containing offensive themes (Sex, Porn, Racism, Religion etc.).

    [6.2]You may ask for a Town/Nation leader change via ticket if the current leader is banned and agrees with the change.

    [6.3]Any item stolen, if it was inside a chest in your plot, will not be refunded.

    [6.4]Mayors are responsible of the people they trust as Assistants. If any of them uses their permissions to harm the town or its citizens it is not punishable. Same goes for Mayors.

    [7]Reporting Players:

    [7.1]Do not modify your evidence (Screenshots or Video)!

    [7.2]You may not name-shame. You are not allowed to accuse someone in the public. This will result in a punishment to you too.

    [7.3]Only one player per evidence. Make it clear who you are reporting! If you send a long video, please specify the time of the misbehavior and the name of the character.

    [7.4]Ticket reports without screenshots or videos will be ignored.

    [7.5]Reporting a player will not give you the right to know if the reported user will be banned or not.

    [7.6]You can report a player in-game using the command /report <player> <name>

    [8]PixelTropia Staff:

    [8.1]Do not pretend to be a staff member.

    [8.2]Staff members have a special tag in front of their name (I.e. [Helper], [Moderator]).

    [8.3]Staffers will never contact you to get your data. You can get contacted only via tickets or via in-game chats if you write in /helpop.

    [8.4]Impersonating staffers will lead to a 30days/permanent ban.

    [8.5]Staffers are not allowed to ask you any sensible data.

    [8.6]Staffers are subject to internal rules that are managed by Project Leaders. Those rules, are not public.


    [9.1]The staffers are not allowed to play favorites. This includes giving away items or virtual currency to only a selected group of players.

    [9.2]The staffers are authorized to provide explanations only and exclusively to the user who has received the sanction (only via ticket). However, the user will not be able to get logs/screenshots of the evidence to protect reporter's privacy.

    [9.3]Staffers, like every other player, are subject to the same rules. Also they are subject to internal rules.

    [9.4]Staffers ALWAYS provide screenshots and videos in every ban reason. Implying that staffers ban without proofs, will increase your ban duration.


    [10.1]All donations are used for the upkeep of the server. From paying the server to pay for plugins/maps etc...

    [10.2]By creating an account on the forum and/or joining the server you automatically accept our rules.

    [10.3]Like law, our rules don't admit ignorance. If you don't read the rules it's at your own risk.


    [11.1]There is no way to refund donations on our donation system. If you open a Dispute on paypal, we reserve the right to ban you permanently from the system.

    [11.2]PixelTropia does not have to "reward" donors with the virtual currency "Gems".

    [11.3]If there is a problem with our donation system, please report it immediately via the ticket system.

    [11.4]Please contact our support if any issues occur.

    [11.5]Exploiting any mechanics to trick the donation system will lead to a permanent ban of all your accounts.

    [12]Legal Note:

    You have no ownership or other property interest in any of the Virtual Goods you unlock, regardless of whether you acquired access to those Virtual Goods using Gems. Virtual Goods have no monetary value. You can’t redeem them for cash. You can’t obtain any refunds for purchasing Gems or Virtual Goods, except as expressly permitted by us.

    We have the right to delete, alter, move, remove, or transfer any and all Game Content—including Virtual Goods—in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason or no reason, with or without notice to you, and with no liability of any kind to you.


    [13.1]In the forum it is only allowed to write in English. If you want to create a thread in another language you are ONLY allowed to create it in the "Tavern" section, "BugReport" section, "Artwork" section and .

    [13.2]Failure to follow the rules may result in thread/post deletion, warnings, and ultimately forum ban.

    [13.3]Off-topic posts, spam posts or similar, will be removed without any hesitation.

    [13.4]Multi accounts on the forum may lead to a temporary or even permanent ban IN-GAME and in our forum. If you have the necessity to create a second one, please don't hesitate to contact any staffer.

    [13.5]Accounts with offensive names or spam names, will be permanently banned.

    [13.6]You must open threads in the proper section. Continuous violations will lead to a warn.

    [13.7]You must not go off-topic. Several violations, will lead to a warn.

    [13.8]Excessive warns on an account will lead to a temporary/permanent ban on the platform.

    [13.9]Posting inappropriate images in the gallery will lead to a warn and to the removal of the image.

    [13.10]You are not allowed to insult other users, post racist statements and not have insulting profile/signature pictures.

    [14]Real World Trading:

    [14.1]Account selling is not allowed. It is considered as real world trading. Same goes for trading items/money for other server items/money.

    [14.2]Real world trading items is not allowed either. Both buying and selling is equally punished with permanent ban of all your accounts.

    [14.3]You can appeal for Real World Trading bans only showing proofs of your innocence.

    [14.4]Any kind of proofs will be judged by staffers. Proofs include: discord chats, whatsapp messages, videos, teamspeak recordings, facebook and in-game messages. This doesn't mean that any proof will be valid for a ban. Proofs will be judged extremely cautiously by us.

    [14.5]Faking real world trading proofs will lead to a permanent ban of all your accounts.

    [14.6]After being banned once for for Real World Trading, getting banned again for the same reason will also lead to a Pc-Ban/IP-Ban.

    Kind Regards,

    The PixelTropia Team

    Hello dear community!

    In PixelTropia you can get a special and exclusive rank: the VIP.

    This exclusive rank can be purchased in-game with Gems that you purchase here or you earn in-game. Why should you get the VIP?

    First thing first you should get the VIP to support our server and to allow us to improve it and add new cool games! Obviously if you purchase the VIP rank you'll also get some special perks in game.

    After buying the VIP rank, you'll have it in every PixelTropia's server. This means that even if you buy it in the Hub or in the Towny you'll get the rank everywhere, even in the new servers that will open!

    But what does this VIP give? In each server you will get something different:


    - The golden [VIP] tag before your name. Distinguish yourself from other players! - Exclusive

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    - Join the server even if it is full! You have priority over others! - Exclusive

    - Join and Quit the server silenty! This will allow you to enter/leave the game without anyone noticing it! - Exlclusive

    - Access to the command /kit vip - Exclusive

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    - Send a message to multiple players. - Exclusive

    - You don't get kicked for being AFK. - Exclusive


    - /kit vip will give you a 5 Star Mystery Chest every day! This will allow you to get awesome cosmetics! - Exclusive


    - /kit vip will give you 200 Bonuus Points for free every day! Use them to buy more days of VIP or anything else! - Exclusive

    - You can use the command /back when you die. This will allow you not to lose your items or to join the fight again. - Exclusive

    - You can have an extra home using the command /sethome <name>. This will allow you to save an extra location you might need to teleport to anytime you need! - Exclusive

    - You can take 3 Jobs instead of 2!

    - You can use the command /hat. Put anything you want on your head and have some fun! - Exclusive

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    - You can use the command /enderchest. This will allow you to access your enderchest anywhere! It's a lot of extra storage combined with your backpack! - Exclusive

    - You can use the command /disposal. Throw away the garbage you don't need anywhere! More space for DIAMONDS!! - Exclusive

    - You have free access to the backpack! You'll have a 2x9 backpack that you can access with the command /backpack.

    Please login to see this picture.

    - You get 1.5x money from mobs! Get richer quicker! - Exclusive


    - /kit vip will give you 400 coins daily! - Exclusive

    All the perks tagged with "- Exclusive" can be obtained only with the VIP. The others can also be purchased with Gems and Bonus Points by non-VIP players.

    To get all those exclusive perks join the server and speak with a "Merchant" npc or use the command /shop!

    You can get various VIP duration packs:

    - 1 Day

    - 3 Days

    - 7 Days

    - 15 Days

    Please login to see this picture.

    Getting directly the 15 Days package is way more convenient than buying 15 times the 1 Day package! So what are you waiting for? Go get it!

    Please note that you can purchase the VIP also with Bonus Points!

    If you have any question feel free to contact us!

    Kind Regards