Recommended Pixeltropia opened its Gates!

Hello, dear community and newcomers!

We are happy to announce that the PixelTropia Network opened its gates!

The heart of this network is our unique RPG Towny module. Thanks to various custom plugins allowing you to experience the classic Towny mixed with a touch of RPG our version is entirely different from any other Towny server out there. All the tedious RPG tasks such as grinding were removed by that entirely. An own Item System, Enchanting System, and Currency System is the key.

Now join, create your town, gear up, and FIGHT!

In a monthly rhythm, we are adding new game modes and features to the network. The next big thing will be SkyWars and then a Minigames Server.

Our team has the full potential to realize all your wishes through years of experience in other projects. Our development team is dedicated to fulfilling your dreams and ideas that you provide us via feedback on our forum. May it be a unique never seen before game mode, or something else. We are here for you.

Our servers are hosted in the heart of Europe with the best connectivity worldwide on market-leading hardware.

Quickly and easily we can scale the resources up or down, so you always have a lag-free experience on this server no matter how many players are online. Slots are not an issue either.

Join this project now and lead us to the top. We can only make this happen together with you and your ideas.

The server is playable with any Minecraft version from 1.13.2 up to 1.14.x.

I hope we were able to convince you. Don't forget to follow our social media so that you always stay up to date.






Kind Regards,

your Pixeltropia team